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 Pleas note: The mini-golf courses start at a little over $9,000USD and go up from there prices and information will be emailed to you on receipt of you email inquiry email address is at the top right of this page In order to quote shipping we need your delivery address


Below are some images from our most recent satisfied customer Ace2Putt of Georgetown Ontario. Ace2Putt were operating and servicing their clients within three weeks of receiving their course.

 Ace2Putt Main-a




 We supply Lawn bowling systems for indoor or outdoor use. Enjoy the Benefits of  quick installation, less maintenance than a real green, year round play regadless of weather. Bocce Ball is a growing sport now you can enjoy it year round with our portable indoor outdoor  systems now you can turn unused municipal and private recreational space into a revenue generating operation.







Purchase a Portable, or Permanent Mini-Golf System

Spruce Meadows Article

We just sold an 18 hole Mini-Golf to the prestigious Spruce Meadows in Calgary

You've seen Mini-Golf Systems before, so you may ask what's so special about this one?

Well this fully portable, nine (or 18) hole mini-golf system is made up of individual rugged panels which are made of a composite from recycled plastic. Each panel measures approximately 24" X 24" and weighs around 7lbs. per panel. The perimeter panels have a 3" deep edge so that the ball stays in play.

The underside of the tile / panels showing the "floating" cup and the underside reinforcing grid pattern

Product Image Tiles

The Mini-Links jr.® miniature courses are extremely durable, weather resistant, UV protected and colour safe.

One of the unique features of the Mini-links jr.® is that because the greens are made up of connected tiles, each green conforms to what ever surface it is placed on. The green follows the lay of the land and so a perfectly flat surface is not required, and because of this flexibility the greens look and feel more natural just like a real golf course. This is one reason why our mini-golf system is ideal for permanently landscaping into an area.

Set up Image

NOTE: In order that we do not waste your valuable time, or ours please be advised that our mini-golf systems can be quite extensive, from basic 9 hole, to 18 hole indoor "black Light" systems. Therefore, the mini-golf systems vary in price from over eight thousand dollars to over one hundred thousand dollars. Only genuinely interested parties should inquire for further information.

Set up is a snap!
Image Unpack 157px X 200px
Step 1 Unpack the Tiles
00:00 minutes

The Mini-Links jr.® system is perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor applications, and in fact the 9 or 18 hole system is perfectly suited for permanent installation where by the whole system is landscaped in to look natural. The patented floating cup ensures that the laser cut turf always fits properly around the hole, guaranteeing a true roll. you can change the play simply by repositioning the contour mats.

Did we mention how easy set up is?
Image assembly 309px X 220
Step 2 Assemble the green 05:00 minutes just like a giant Jig-Saw puzzle.

The Mini-Links jr.® Greens are made tough enough for the amusement industry, and for portability where required.

Anyone can do this!
Image cup placement
Step 3 Place the Cups
12:00 minutes

Unlike most "wood" mini-golf systems The Mini-Links jr.® will not rot, and you won't have to paint, stain or add preservative each year as you do with wood systems.

What could be simpler?
Image Roll Carpet
Step 4 Roll out the green
14:00 minutes

The Ultra Turf Club Indoor-Outdoor putting carpet

  • 17oz. tufted poypropylene putting carpet 
  • 1/4" height 
  • Heavy Duty Primary backing 
  • Rubberized action back 
  • STIMP 10-10-5 
  • Roll 12' wide 

Finally putting
Image putting green
Step 5 start earning money
15:00 minutes


What about Earnings?

It takes about 15 minutes from opening the box to making your first putt!

Now that you have everything set up how much money can you make? Well now, that depends entirely upon you. Firstly it goes without saying that you should set up your Mini-Links jr.® in a high traffic  area such as a mall, festival, fair, tourist attraction, air show, race course, hotel, theme park etc.

Next you need to decide how much to charge. The average charge is $3.00 per player but that depends on you, the location you decide on, and the amount of traffic. You can have two people play a round of mini-golf, or you could have teams of four or more players teeing off against each other. Just use simple estimates like these examples below which are based on $3.00 per player charge, and working only 10 days per month.

We make no express or implied guarantees as to incomes you will earn. Incomes will vary per individual based on a number of factors.

  • 100 players per day = $300 10 days per month = $3000.00 mth. 
  • 200 players per day = $600 10 days per month = $6000.00 mth. 
  • 250 players per day = $150 10 days per month = $7500.00 mth. 

The above examples show how annual incomes could range from 36 to 90 thousand dollars per year assuming you can work year round.  In any event even if you were to be conservative and cut the figures in half they are still not to shabby!

If you work more than 10 days then those amounts of course will be higher. Do your homework and compare what income you can generate per month against the cost. In the first example above you could get a return on your investment in approximately 34 days!

Imagine having a system like this in a busy mall at Christmas where dad and the kids can spend some putting time while Mom shops til she drops.

Image Karscot Email Address
250 756 9821

How sturdy is The Mini-Links jr.® well here is what one of our clients from Northern British Columbia had to say in an email!

Hi Terry I just wanted to let you know that my golf course is all set up for another season! We had record snowfall this year, over 33 feet of fallen snow, heavy snow at that! I left the black bases out all winter and I am pleased to say they survived the weight of the snow. I know that on your website there is a picture of a hummer on top of them but just incase you will be selling to any more "northern" customers, snow pack is not an issue!
take care,

Try doing this on one of those wooden putting greens
Image Hummer 400px X 156px
Then contact us for a new replacement!


A typical layout of The Mini-Links jr.®
Image golf Layout
Click to enlarge


Whether Elaborate or

Whether simple

Image Fish_cove1


Image Minilinks open house

Image Karscot Email Address 


A sample 18 hole mini-golf layout
Image 18 Hole Layout Sample

Cruise Ship Mini-Golf Course
Cruise Ship Mini-golf

Our Mini-golf courses are ideal for:

  • Golf courses 
  • Municipal Recreation Centres 
  • Family Fun Centres 
  • Schools 
  • Summer Camps 
  • Military Basis 
  • Event Planners and Amusement Rental Establishments 
  • Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centres 
  • Cruise Ships 
  • Theme Parks 
  • Hotels 
  • Race Courses 
  • Holiday Camps 
  • Time Share Properties 
  • All Inclusive Holiday Resorts 
  • Retirement Communities 
  • Guest Ranch 
  • Malls 


 Average Lead Time for Production of Orders is Currently 4-5 Weeks
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Image Karscot Email Address
250 756 9821



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