This page is about education for ALL! The page contains hundreds of educational links, and resources for use by children, parents, educator's, researchers, and students of ALL ages.

It is not a children's page, and therefore YOU are obliged to be responsible and monitor ALL you're children's internet activity.


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 Alternative Media


Alternative Radio
Better World Links Org
Broadcasting Freedom (UK)
CHLY 101.7 FM (Canada)
Global Outlook Magazine (Canada)
Greg Palast Journalist
Guardian Media Group (UK)
IGC Internet
Indy Media Org (Canada)
Media-Awareness (Canada)
Michael Moore Official Site
News With Views
Radio4 All
Salt Spring Island News
The Real News
The Centre for Public Integrity
Towards Freedom
Truth out
UTNE Reader
Aboriginal Australian Art
Anyone For Art? The Louvre?
Asian Art
Artist in Schools Scheme
Art History Resources (many links)
Art Museum of Southeast Texas
Pablo Picasso Cubism
Paul Cezanne
Royal College of Art (London)
Sister Wendy's American Collection
Sistine Chapel
Tate Gallery of Modern Art
Teach Impressionism
The Colour Pencil Challenge
The Imagination Factory
Van Gogh Museum
Women Artists




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While it's nice to have everything in alphabetical order, I have found it to be too much work therefore from here on in all links will be random within their categories.



American Astronomical Society
Astronomy for Beginners
Earth Viewer
NASA Kids Club
NASA Space links
Moon Bounce
NASA answers Questions by Email
Radio Astronomy Observatory
Royal Observatory Edinburgh
Solar Space Station
Images of Space
Hubble Telescope
Kids Astromomy
Astronaut Lesson Plans
Astronaut Biographies
Women of Space
Astronaut training
Space Missions
Space Shuttle
Space Flight Videos
Astronaut Requirements
Mars Exploration Program
Weapons in Space



Black Bear Lodge



Drama / Theatre

Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site
Computer History Museum
Basic Computing
Computer Sciences
Internet in the Classroom
Wolfram Alpha
Early Literacy Advisor
Teaching With Computers
Kits Journey Inside the Computer
Removing Spyware & Adware
Academy of Art University
Alliance for Theatre Education
Amdram UK
Central School of Speech & Drama
Christian Drama Resource
Drama in Education Site
Dyson college of Art & Sciences
List of technical Theatre Terms
Royal Academy Dramatic of Art
Royal Scottish Academy of Music
SchoolPlay Productions
The New School for Drama
UK London Theatre Tickets
Works of The Bard

Absolute Web Graphics Archive!
Probably the largest collection of FREE Graphics on the innternet.


Educational Sites (Misc.)


Education Week
Education Learning Solutions UK
For Truth Org
Elementary Educational Degrees
Free History and Western Civilization
Free Songs
Lesson Tutor
New York Film Academy
Open Educators
School Express
Sites For Teachers
Stock Music Site Royalty Free
Study Skills Self Help
Teaching treasures Australia
Tools For Educators
Vancouver Film School

1000 Dictionaries
Ask Oxford Experts
Etymology The History of Words
George Orwell Politics & English
History of The English Language
Literary Quotes
Online English Grammar
Quotations Search Page
Pronunciations Dictionary
Readers Favourite
Score Language Arts
Spelling it Right
Study English in Canada
Teachers at Random
The English Zone
Word Wizard
Worldwide Words


 Entomology (cool bugs)


Adopt an Insect lesson plan
American Archeological Society
All About Insects
British Tarantula Society
Bug Guide
BeeHoo (all about Bee's)
Backyard Insects
How Stuff Works (insects)
Insect Snacks Around the World
Insects as Food
Insects on The Web
Insect Identification
Killer Insects
Life in a Pine Cone
Monarch Watch

Better World Links
CABI International Organization
Culture Change
E.F. Schumacher Society
Explorers Inn
Global Exchange
Rainforest Action Network
Sierra Club of British Columbia
Save The Manatee
The Special Aids Virus
Tsunami Research Center
Why Does it Rain
EcoKids Canada
Environmenta l Challenges
Water Crimes (Canada)
Environment Directory
More Environment Links
Environmental Law Links


Famous People

Film Schools / Industry Acting

Mohammad Mossadegh
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
Gerald Grattan McGeer (Canada)
Rothschild's Lionel Walter
Henry VIII
Major General Smedley Butler
John Harris
Sir Edward Coke
Nikola Tesla
Thomas Stonewall Jackson
Genghis Khan
Dr.Albert Schweitzer
George Bush Unauthorized B/graphy
Isaac Newton institute of Math
Anne Frank
Marie Curie
Biographical Dictionary
Florence Nightingale

Academy of Art University
American Academy of Dramatic Art
Australian Film TV Radio School
BC Film Commission
Free Acting Lessons
Hollywood North
Kids on Camera
Los Angeles Film School
Manchester School of Theatre
Method Film Acting Pass
New York Film Academy
The Vancouver Film School
Theatre Group
Online Acting Community
So You Wanna Act?
Young Actor Studio
UK Theatre School
Rainmaker /Mainframe

Information for security of your PC, Iphone and other hand held devices.

This interview was blacked out by western media.


For Teachers

Bank Myths and facts
London School Of Business
Financial Management Training
US Trustee Program
Credit card Fraud in Reverse audio
Economics in perspective
Economics Careers
Un/Notra Dame Accountancy
Understanding Personal Finances
Free Printable Family Budget Sheet
Understanding Loan Agreements
How to Spend Less
Understanding The Stock Market
History of The Federal Reserve
What is an RRSP
Gold, Silver, or platinum Coins
How to Finance Anything
Bookkeeping For Home Business
What is Bankruptcy
How to Talk To Bankers
Protecting Your Personal Assets
Estate planning
What is a Trust
Economics Web Institute
Laboratory of Economics Management
Balancing the Family Budget
Budgeting Tools
Money Instructor
Teaching Financial Literacy

British Dyslexia Association
Canadian Bullying Website
Canadian Teachers Federation
Career Dreams
Core Knowledge
Distance Learning
Doucetette Index
Educational Gateway
Kid Info
Lesson Tutor
Mr. Nelsons Teacher Page
My School Online
National Council of Teachers-English
PBS Teachers
Primary Resources
Schools Net (jobs)
Sites For Teachers
Teachers Helping Teachers
Teaching Autistic Children
Teacher Jobs
Teacher Jobs Canada
the H.O.T. Program
T.E.S Largest teacher network in the world
Your Resources

The information presented on this web site is for general reference and is intended as a resource which hopefully may help you to get more information on what you are seeking. None of the information contained wihtin this web site is inteneded to be, nor should it be construed to be legal, medical, or financial advice, or even advice in general. The third party pages that this website links to are the property of the individual owners / publishers, and as such the content is theirs alone. Any content on these third party websites are not to be considered as being endorsed by Karscot Distributors / Fun Zone©. Further Karscot Distributors / Fun Zone© does not accept any liability for any loss to persons or property of any kind resulting from the use of this web site. You agree that by using any part of this web site and the links provided within, that you do so at your own risk without recourse.

 GED Options 

FREE Stuff For Teachers

Fun and Useful Links

A Kids Heart
aOKteachers Stuff
Brainy Betty
By Teachers
Courses (History)
DayCare Resources
English Teaching Resource
ESL Wizard
Free Geometry Stuff
Free Power Point Resources
Free Printable Worksheets
Free Stuff For Canadian Teachers
Free Technology for Teachers
Free Work Sheets
Good Character
Kits Journey Inside a Computer
Lesson Plans and Other Resources
Lesson Tutor
Mr. Don Org
Primary School
Saving Teachers Money
Study Sphere
Teachers Free Stuff
TES Connect
The Canadian Teacher
The Lesson Plan Page
The Teachers Guide
Totally Teaching

Alice in Wonderland
All About Boomerangs
Cyber Kids
Changing Links
Dave Kunst Walked Around The Earth
Dinosauria On-line
Edgar & Ellen
Enchanted Learning
Giggle Poetry
Girls Are Cool!
Grimm Fairy Tales
Hans Christian Anderson
How to Build a Kite
Kids Make Your Own Newspaper
Large Canadian Roadside Attractions
Lars Ekdahls Kids Favourites
Letter Lane
Light Up Your Brain
Little Explorers
Mother Goose Pages
Official Harry Potter Site
Planet Pals
Printable Alphabet Colouring Pages
Smithsonian Institute
Story Teller
Yahoo kids




Homework Help

Health Matters

Student Questions
Ask Dr. Math
Homework Spot
Homework Helper
Pauls Online Math Notes
Math Pages
Info Please
iNet Resources
Need Homework Help?
Math and Reading Help
IPL Homework Help
Jiskha Home Work Help
Physics Homework Help
My Geek Tutor
Biology Online
Purple Math
High School Ace
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
Association of Chiropractic Colleges
Autism Support Network
Birth Injury Guide
Early Learning Site Autisim and PDD
Marijuana: Facts for Teens
Nutrition Explorations
Royal Institute For Deaf and Blind
Something Fishy Eating Disorders
The Meatrix Where Food Comes From
The Special Aids Virus
Tourette Syndrome Fondation CA
Tourette Syndrome USA
United Cerebral Palsy New York City
US National Institute of Health

 If you eat meat chicken, pork, beef, you should be aware of how these animals are treated see the two Videos below (EXTREMELY DISTURBING) WARNING NOT recommended for Children
45 days of HELL the Life of a Broiler Chicken (video)

James Cromwell Pig Farm Investigation (video)

Help For Parents/and Children

Help For Website Building

Action For Children
Autisim Support Network
Baby Names
By Parents For Parents
Drug Free
GrandParents Raising Children
Help For Parents
Help Guide Org
Math .com
Online Parenting Club
Parenting Help Me
Parenting in a Commercial World
Parenting Org
Potty Training Guide
Raising Children
Teaching Autistic Children
Tourette Syndrome Foundation CA
Treatment 4 Addicts (USA)
Seattle Crisis Resource
What Realy Happens (Bullying)

Build Website 4U
Build your Own Website
Custom Sign Generator
Free Gif Animations
HTML Goodies
Lissa Explains it All (HTML)
Matt's Script Archive
Need Scripts
Page Tutor
PhotoShop Cafe
Photoshop Tutorials
Scripts For Schools
W3Schools (excellent)
Web Alley
XsitePro Easy Professional Websites





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