Portable Dunk Tanks Sales

The ultimate amusement for generating high income at fairs, special events, festivals,4th of July and Canada day celebrations, music festivals, works picnics, school fun fairs, fundraising, events, business promotions and more!

Dunk Tanks are easy to set up by one person. They are easy to maintain, and easy to operate. It really is a no brainer, in factif it were any easier it just wouldn't be as much fun!


Current Prices for a Dunk Tanks are shown below, Prices shown do not include shipping.
Please read all the information below before you contact us .
(We don't update web site for specials so Please ask!)

Price above is for the Standard Dunk Tank with built in trailer and window.


It is possible to earn a return on investment in a very short time. *Example: a $300.00 per day rental will return your investment in about 12 days of operation.

The Standard Tank
Complete with built in trailer
Trailer model $3195.00 (with window $3600.00 add $750.00 for double target)

 Image Dunk Tank  Image Dunk Tank 2  Image of Dunk Tank 3  Image Dunk Tank 4

Our Dunk Tanks are lightweight, easy to handle and set up, easy to move and set up. The Dunk Tank has an approximate 500gallon polyethylene tank which is guaranteed for two years against puncture. the seat has a lifetime mechanism guarantee.

The Econo Tank
(No trailer) for those with limited budget.

Econo tank with window price $2795.00 USD
Plus hipping and taxes where applicable
Econo tank NO window price $2245.00 USD
Plus shipping and taxes where applicable

Econo tank


- 500 gallon Tank made from Polyethylene with three year warranty against puncture
-The window is included in this price $3595.00USD
-NEW Sure Release trigger mechanism
-Reinforced protective cage
-Reinforced wing
-12 Balls
-High Density target
-2 arms (one is a spare)
-1 Extra small target
-High Density seat with lifetime guarantee
-Bright, attractive color
-High gloss, scratch resistant finish
-One year warranty on the unit

-Wing Stabilizer rod

-On board storage of Arm and Target

-EASY one-person set up

-Seat latch to prevent premature release
-Additional step from tank to seat
-Built-in ladder
-12" trailer wheels

Shipping dims and weight
-Dunk Tank consists of:
-1 piece 6' x 6' x 6' at 340lbs.
-1 piece 8' x 5' x 6" at 60lbs

-There is now a Lifetime Warranty on the seat

Filling of Dunk Tank approximately 50 minutes with regular garden hose depending on water pressure.


Available Mid August 2017 
Portable folding Dunk Tank

real space saver!
At a a great price of $1995.00USD
Plus shipping and taxes where applicable

folding dunk tank-2


Trailer model $3195.00 (with window $3600.00 add $750.00 for double target) Great Investment
(Prices do not include shipping or tax (where applicable) we need your FULL delivery address and zip/postal code in order to quote shipping)
We accept cheques from Canadian customers, goods shipped after clearance, for customers outside Canada we accept payments by bank wire only. You need to contact us if you wish to pay by credit card.

Note: Depending on exchange rates prices will be either in US or Canadian Dollars this will be determined at the time of your inquiry!

At an average rental of $230 You could get return on your investment in only 15 day of rentals

A Dunk Tank is a great advertising tool for corporations wishing to promote their products, or corporate identity! We have supplied Dunk Tanks for the Cadbury company, the Guiness Company (Dublin Ireland), and School in Geneva Switzerland.


On a Real Tight Budget?

Our most inexpensive way to get established in the rental business Industry.

The Bucket Splasher can earn you hundreds of dollars a week either part time or full time your call.


 Make a Splash and earn big!

With the Bucket Splasher
Image splash

The Bucket Splasher is perfect for:

  • School Fun Fairs 
  • Church Events 
  • Company picnics 
  • Carnivals 
  • Summer Camps 
  • Community events 
  • Corporate Promotions 
  • Family Reunions 
  • Canada Day 
  • 4th July 
  • Fall Fair 

Sharp Appearance:

Vivid, colourful graphics which draws attention.

Incorporates an intelligent user friendly design, easy set up and take down.

The sleek, aluminum construction weighs in at only 50lbs. Making it easy to carry anywhere.


 The Bucket Splasher!
Splash 1

Fun For Everyone!

Creates a FUN event which is inclusive of all, including dsiabled, seniors, in fact anyone that can sit under the 2 Gallon bucket.


A great fundraiser sit the pastor, teacher, police chief, firechief, what about the parking meter attendant, or even wet T-shirt contests, you're options are limited only by your imagination.

 ONLY! $1395.00Great Investment

Get yours TODAY!

Call 250 756 9821 or email us NOW!
Email image

Simply hook up to a hose Connection and shut off
and your in business


There are no loose parts to forget or misplace it's dummy proof. Just hook up to a regular garden house,
Turn on the valve to fill the bucket and begin earning.



 Prices do not include shipping or tax (where applicable) we need your address and zip to quote)


The Figures below are based on an average four rentals per week at $300.00 per day, four weeks per month. From April to September (6 months)

Dunk Tanks Owned

 Weekly Income

Monthly Income

 Yearly income

1 Dunk Tank




2 Dunk Tanks




3 Dunk Tanks




4 Dunk tanks




Doubtful about the potential income? No problem I was skepical too! Why not just cut those figures in half. It is still significant isn't it?? Return on your investment may be realized quite quickly!

Additional NOTE:
*The above figures represent a hypothetical income stream based on daily rentals. However, what is not considered in those figures is the potential for an even higher daily income that can be produced if you are charging the public directly. For example at festivals and fairs etc. Let's look at that income potential.

Imagine setting up your Dunk Tank at a large festival. You charge $2.00 per person to Dunk the person in the hot seat. Or should we say wet seat? How much time does it take to throw three balls? Lets say 30 seconds! that would be two throwers per minute at $2.00 each which is $4.00 per minute times 60 minutes per hour would be $240.00 per hour. On average festivals run five to six hours per day. Let's say you work five hours so $240.00 times five hours is $1200.00 for a days work. At this rate you would get your investment back in three days of operation. Now since we don't live in a perfect world let's cut those figures by half. Well $600.00 for a days work is still a pretty good income. Would you agree?

By involving local celebrities or officials, example "Dunk the Police Chief", "Dunk the Mayor", "Dunk the Fire Chief" etc. You could generate lots of interest and excitement. You could even offer to donate part of your earning to a local charity like the children's burn unit for example. That way you win and so does your community. The potential use is endless.

Think outside the box as an entrepreneur would. The only real issues you need to consider are. The price of the Dunk Tank in your first year of operation, versus the income potential of the Dunk Tank in your first year of operation, and how soon do you realize your return on your investment? Check the figures, do your own figures then   don't wait for the season to pass you by, make your decision and act on it NOW!

Email image

Some areas of course, will be subject to weather, and seasonal condition, that would not allow the same incomes as shown above. This table and any income projections shown on this page or on any literature is merely used as a hypothetical guide. *Karscot Distributors / Fun Zone
 © makes no guarantees regarding the income potential that customers can expect. Results may vary.




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